Smart cities, new trading models and automation - out of home predictions 2018(1)

Smart cities, new trading models and automation - out of home predictions 2018(1)

While the market is now overwhelmed with new players promising hi-tech advertising solutions, IMON has been glocalizing China, over the past 6 years, with our unique, smart DOOH programmatic platform [TargetEngage™].
Our platform automates the advertising process via AI-driven algorithms and fresh multi source datasets, taking OOH from a single static branding channel, to a dynamic programmatic multi-screen, multi-channel platform. Based on real-time viewer’s and 3rd party data collected by IMON, aligning this with relevant, contextual branding information.
In 2018 IMON will deliver even more innovation, with some astounding announcements coming soon.
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This year has been another action-packed year in out of home (OOH).
Over the course of the year OOH has seen more examples of dynamic digital campaigns on the streets, headway being made into better usage and application of data, and there has been a marked progression towards achieving greater accountability.
Looking ahead to 2018, let’s take a minute to reflect on the insights garnered from OOH and hone in on the trends, technology and market factors we predict will come to the forefront in Australia in 2018.

Automation will drive efficiency

Whilst still in its infancy in Australia, in 2018 more agencies and media partners will be creating their own platforms to make headway into Automation. While programmatic online began with real time bidding and has moved towards private marketplaces, OOH is better structured to start in this place. However significant investment is required by the media operators to upgrade their systems and better handle automation at a basic level. 2018 will see a significant focus to automate transactions in earnest.

Smarter data = smarter campaigns

The use of data within OOH continues to strengthen its offering as a channel. Telcos and mobile publishers are turning their attention to data provision in a more meaningful way for OOH usage. OOH is no longer just about branding and will begin to have more opportunity to make use of huge anonymized data sets that, when fused with a brand’s first party data, will provide a competitive advantage with smarter planning and deployment.

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Image from Adworldsignage