September 26, 2015

September 26, 2015

September 24th-26th, 2015—loT China Expo successfully held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. IMON was invited by its strategic partner China Unicom to introduce IMON’s incomparable Programmatic Audience Targeting Technology.

Recognized as the current highest-profile and biggest ‘Internet of Things’ Expo in China, loT China Expo is co-hosted by the ministry of industry and information technology, China’s National Development and Reform Commission, Xinhua News Agency and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government. The aim of the expo was to exhibit the latest technologies, products, applications and solution in Internet of Things, such as cloud computing, mobile internet, RFID, smart sensors, etc.

In this expo, IMON introduced its new and innovative Programmatic Audience Targeting Technology that focuses on various forms of visual media in Digital out-of-home market and reaches new heights in ‘Internet of Things’.

This technology is an integration of audience recognition technology and IMON TargetEngage™ automated management platform. The audience recognition technology is provided by IMON’s technology partner—Quividi, and it supports IMON TargetEngage™ as a complete network management system to allow each of IMON screens to be remotely managed in targeting audiences, advertising scheduling, real-time reporting and improving.

Compared with the existing technologies in the market, IMON’s state-of-art Programmatic Audience Targeting Technology demonstrated great advantages for media buyers, agencies and their brand clients.

The technology ensures audiences can be recognized anonymously by Age and Gender; also the advertisement they are watching can be well match to their interests. According to the series of measurements such as dwell time, number of glances and duration of each glance, the preference of each audience will be measured and the targeted content delivered to particular audience can be continually improved by real-time reporting and refining.

Enhanced by IMON platform’s convergence and interactivity with mobile devices via NFC, QR code and Dual China Unicom Wi-Fi hotspot, advertisers also can engage consumers at the most appropriate times and locations with rich, relevant contextual messaging and persuasive content.

Supported by China Unicom’s ‘Internet of Things’, IMON has created a paradigm shift with its ability to provide anyone involved in Digital Outdoor with a truly amazing experience!