September 16, 2015

September 16, 2015

Shanghai, September 16th-18th, 2015 — Digital Outdoor game-changer IMON has exhibited its most advanced Programmatic Audience Targeting Technology at the 7th Shanghai International Digital Signage and Audio-visual Integration Technology Exhibition.

Developed by IMON Network Limited and its global technology partners, IMON Technology reflects more than 20 years’ experience of industrial elites, continuous research, development and innovation to secure the future of Digital Outdoor.

The audience recognition technology provided by Quividi [an IMON Technology Partner] is embedded into IMON TargetEngage™ automated management platform and integrates with the IMON Tekimon™ hardware and LED/LCD screens, anonymously recognises audiences by Age and Gender (Emotion to be added soon) without invading privacy. The IMON platform then chooses from the stored media to select the best suited media for that particular audience, serves it and then measures the interest by dwell time, number of glances and duration of each glance. This technology ensures that consumers receive targeted messaging, that is delivering content of proven interest to them as individuals and is reported and refined in real time.

The technology was featured in an intelligent China Post Kiosk, providing service at the Digital Signage Show at the AVIC booth. For more striking visual effects and perfect interactive experiences, IMON also designed its own ActiveLightbox™ and PassiveLightbox™ for integration with the intelligent Kiosks. These new Kiosks will incorporate the very latest in audience recognition, mobile interactivity and a host of new and innovative technologies that have been specifically designed to raise the Kiosk’s image and also provide a greater base for a selected brand to gain superior market awareness.

China Post has already embarked on a digital overhaul of its traditional street Kiosks with IMON technology; setting a target of 22,700 sites nationally across first, second and third tier cities, in prime street locations, set up to face largest pedestrian traffic. Starting the program earlier this year in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province and getting qualified monthly audiences of 77,000+ per Kiosk, has changed the traditional opinion of the value of these sites.

The integration of audience recognition technology into a programmatic advertising and media management platform is a tremendous step forward for the DOOH industry. This technology can be seamlessly combined with IMON screen’ s other functionalities which involved WIFI Hotspot, QR code and NFC or near field communication pulses, etc. and provides audience with multiple interactions, branded games, real benefits and also presents a huge opportunity for both of media companies and advertisers to gain a deeper understanding of each audience.

With all these features, IMON smart screens will be able to deliver a targeted, interactive, and truly amazing experience to each of audience and also support all of practitioners in DOOH industry map out the future steps precisely to meet the audience needs.
IMON has gone to great lengths to ensure that our technologies remain future-proof even in this competitive DOOH environment and has a host of technologies that it will be rolling out over the next two to three years.