February 14, 2016

February 14, 2016

It is generally known that Digital Out-of-Home Advertising (DOOH) has been a cat-and-mouse game since its emergence. The advertisers are trying to sell consumers products; consumers are desperately trying to escape from the irrelevant sales pitch as possible.

Only by targeting audiences can advertisers authentically impress consumers and objectively evaluate their return on investment (ROI) of DOOH advertising. Thus was born the precise audience targeting technology which is leading DOOH Advertising into a high-value age.

As one of the core feature of IMON TargetEngage™ Active Premium Programmatic platform, the audience targeting technology which provided by IMON’s technical partner Quividi, performs a statistical analysis on the real-time human traffic and anonymously recognizes real audiences by age range, gender and measure them by dwell time, number of glances and duration of each glance.

This technology is integrated with the wide angle camera of each IMON Tekimon® smart screen along with many other key functionalities of the platform that including big data collecting and processing; reports and refinement, together, providing a completely transparent, efficient, delicate DOOH advertising platform for media buyers and advertisers to maximize their revenues and additional values, at the same time delivering the most appropriate content to the particular audience group.

At the recent Integrated Systems Event (ISE) 9-12 February 2016 in Amsterdam, IMON witnessed a host of new features of Quividi’s audience targeting technology that involves exact age, rich facial expressions and features. Statistics show that 10,179 viewers took a look at the new tech demo and the average attention time was 21.5 seconds. More interesting, 82% of them smile after seeing the new mood detection feature and women looked happier than men.

Those extended functions can be integrated with TargetEngage™ platform perfectly and seamlessly; its combination with a variety of IMON’s advanced technologies will rapidly revolutionize the entire DOOH industry without a doubt.

Consumers will receive more benefits from the positive and interesting interactions that triggered by real-time precise audience recognition of each Tekimon® smart screen.
Media buyers and advertisers can effortlessly learn more details of their consumers’ preferences through screens’ reporting system that supported by the sustained multiple audience measurements; they will know exactly how well they’re doing and they will be able to maximize their ROI as possible.

In the next 1-3 years, IMON will apply new more features of the audience targeting technology to its TargetEngage™ Active Premium Programmatic platform for building an integrated smart city network across China.