August 18, 2016

August 18, 2016

On the afternoon of August 18th, 2016, at the 2016 China Outdoor Advertising Conference, the senior marketing consultant Hua Bin Hu from IMON Network Ltd. Delivered an important speech, speaking on the “Outdoor Advertising's Road to Programmatic Buying”.

Mr. Hu is a senior outdoor media marketing specialist; has over 15 years of professional experience in the advertising industry in China.

The content of his speech as follows:

Technology has never really been a major consideration within the Advertising industry. About the only real connection was when advertisers would buy time and place their ads on various mediums that were in the main, technology based. These were the printers of newspapers and magazines, to the AM and FM radio stations then later television broadcasters and in more recent years the internet and nowadays outdoor digital screen operators.

Advertising has basically relied on the creative and scripting in much the same way since its inception. Technology has really only played a role in improving the delivery.

Today, technology is changing the way they create, script and deliver and at unprecedented speed and if you are not already adapting your business for these changes or think you will have time to wait and see, then you could well be waiting just to see your own failure.

We all grew up knowing Kodak and yet one decision to ignore technology changed their fate virtually overnight. Nokia phones were in most pockets up to 5 years ago and now we never see one. Even Apple and Samsung are beginning to lose market share to companies like Huawei.

Now is the time for the advertising industry, especially the outdoor advertising industry to recognise that technology has begun to creep into their business and change it forever. The speed of change we will witness over the coming year will amaze us all and unfortunately, at the same time it will catch many unaware.

IMON is a technology platform that incorporates a huge data base and an extensive list of functions, but it is designed to incorporate other special function systems by way of Strategic Alliances. It brings some very important elements to Outdoor like measurement of audiences as that will be how campaigns will be bought soon and that needs to be transparently accurate to command better pricing as the advertiser will want to know exactly what they can expect for their money.

Unlike television etc. outdoor could not be bought programmatically, which precluded it from being part of annual advertising planning. With the changes that systems like IMON bring, programmatically bought outdoor will become an important part of annual advertising planning and not just an afterthought throughout the year, as it is today.

IMON is an enormous data base that provides many world first functions but none more important than its ability to provide leading technology organisations from around the world that have developed complimentary systems with a secure platform to launch their product.

IMON has many such alliances and just one of those that has a shareholder base of some of the biggest companies from around the world has spent an unprecedented amount of money over eight years developing a content delivery technology that is already working and being tested right now by a team of the most talented people that are virtually household names in their fields of technology.

This system will change the entire advertising industry forever, especially outdoor. This was a quote by the CEO of one of the biggest advertising organisations in the world who we invited to a private viewing.

IMON is the perfect delivery system for this type of new content delivery platform as it is able to target audience history and connect directly to consumers via their smart phones and provide many features that allow the consumer to gain a whole new experience in personalised advertising and benefits. It will make Pokémon Go look like old technology.

IMON offers world’s best programmatic buying options with functions that will:

• Change the way Screen owners operate their network and provide transparent data and untold options to advertisers;
• Change the way Advertisers optimise their screen selection for ad campaigns and select options to better achieve their campaign goals;
• Change the way Brand Clients use data to monitor and direct them on how to best promote product sales; and
• Most importantly, it will change the way we monitor campaigns and make real time decisions to interact with consumers and push a better outcome.

IMON will also provide new opportunities for screen owners to place their screens in retail stores to better inform all customers, improve sales outcomes for the retailer and enable the screen owner to run advertising supported by the stores suppliers.

As an example, an instructional commercial on a screen in a retail store that provides information about a particular product can be both informative and visually able to simply demonstrate the product qualities.

So, without the aid of any in-store assistance, just an outdoor screen, people are better able to recognise the value of a particular product compared with similar products.

What retailer would not like to be able to do this every day? Even better, suppliers could place paid advertising on a retailer’s in-store screens to generate income for the screen owner and provide the retailer with an intelligent screen that the retailer can share time on with the screen owner.

IMON allows you to programmatically select those screens in the network that best suit your needs via access to a myriad of filters, from target audience and not just the number of people working in a building, but their gender, age + or – a few years, the number that actually glance or spend time looking at a screen and even their mood and what is playing when they do look. From this everyone gets to know what is more entertaining to that screens audience and what it takes to gain there attention.

There are also filters like the environment; weather; type of businesses where a screen is located; the level of consumer interaction with what is played on that screen; and real time offers or incentives that could work best on that screen at what time of day.

Programmatic functions allow screen owners to know a lot more about what their screen can provide and how much more valuable that information is to the screen owners bottom line because it provides advertisers with a better return on their media spend. It is very simple, with proper transparent and accessible data, screen owners can get better returns on their assets and the advertiser a better return on their advertising expenditure.

TargetEngage™ is what IMON calls an ‘Active Premium Programmatic’ platform, where the system facilitates the placement of media into locations auto-selected to match an exact campaign outcome by matching qualified audience metrics to real-time expectations.

Five years ago when IMON started building their TargetEngage™ software platform, no one was talking about ‘Programmatic Outdoor’. At IMON we focused on using the best available technology to accurately target specific audiences, play them appropriate messaging and qualify their exposure, attention, interaction and ultimately prove attribution. This is what programmatic is all about.

To provide programmatic buying for digital outdoor, you need three very important elements.

First you need artificially intelligent screens, connected to a reliable national network that provides all users with the data they need to be more efficient, more successful and ultimately more profitable.

Secondly, you need real-time processing power, IMON’s hardware and software was specifically designed to work in harmony within a single platform to achieve this.

Third, you need a high level of security, for we see so many stories in the news of hackers infiltrating cloud based data storage, from celebrity pictures to Bitcoin banks. IMON has worked with the top motherboard manufactures over many years to be able to embed AES-256 military-level encryption into their hardware. IMON software is also encrypted, even the data streaming via the Internet between their SmartScreens and user’s mobile devices.

The TargetEngage™ platform was built from the beginning to accommodate anything in the way of technology that will be coming in the future. It is a platform that constantly evolves by adding new and important functions and important strategic alliances.

IMON is about making the experience more attractive and the offer more enticing for all participants in outdoor advertising.

Right now IMON has many embedded features that are only just beginning to be talked about, but if you want to meet the technological challenges ahead then you must consider if your assets can handle the new technologies that the advertising industry will expect you to provide.

The IMON solution is a total solution for the market today and future proofed for years to come.

Advertisers are no longer just focused on branding; today it is more about targeted, consumer interactive campaigns that provide measurable gains and a better understanding of their customer.

Programmatic buying means better returns for screen owners and better results for advertisers. Those in the industry who fail to upgrade their screens with programmatic technology and transparent access systems will find that the major media buyers and advertisers will progressively ignore their screen network.

If you can imagine it then it will be happening and most likely a lot sooner than you think. We hope you have a better appreciation of programmatic buying and where it is headed and you will now understand why at IMON we say . . . . 'the future is now'!