August 19, 2016

August 19, 2016

On the afternoon of August 19th, 2016, the 2016 China Outdoor Advertising Conference which is organized by the authoritative advertising resource trading platform – and industry associations ended successfully in Blues Lavender Manor, Beijing. During the 2-day conference, lots of exciting topics and views were discussed, focusing on every aspect of outdoor advertising innovation.

This conference gathered lots of advertising specialists and advertising-industry leaders, to explore the outdoor advertising's road to programmatic buying, the developing trends in outdoor advertising and coping strategies in a tough economic environment. The innovative ideas and technical revolutions in outdoor advertising; covered the effective combination of traditional media and new media.

At the conference awards ceremony, IMON stood out among hundreds of candidates with its world’s leading outdoor advertising programmatic buying solution and won the ‘Best Outdoor Advertising Technical Solution’ award.

At this conference, Mr. Hu – IMON’s senior marketing consultant delivered a splendid speech, speaking on the “Outdoor Advertising's Road to Programmatic Buying”. With the changes that the IMON system brings, programmatically bought outdoor will become an important part of annual advertising planning and not just an afterthought throughout the year, as it is today.

Programmatic functions allow screen owners to know a lot more about what their screen can provide and how much more valuable that information is to the screen owners bottom line. It is very simple, with proper transparent and accessible data, screen owners can get better returns on their assets and the advertiser a better return on their advertising expenditure.

At the roundtable forum, Mr. Hu made analysis on the technical solution of outdoor advertising; introduced the unprecedented revolutionary changes and values that IMON’s programmatic buying function brings.

• Change the way Screen owners operate their network and provide transparent data and untold options to advertisers;
• Change the way Advertisers optimise their screen selection for ad campaigns and select options to better achieve their campaign goals;
• Change the way Brand Clients can easily access historic data to monitor and direct them on how to best to promote product sales; and
• Most importantly, it will change the way we monitor campaigns and make real time decisions to interact with consumers and push a better outcome to smartphones as an ad is playing.
As the VIP exhibitor, IMON presented its revolutionary end-to-end TargetEngage™ Active Premier Programmatic Media Platform, integrated with their Tekimon® dynamic interactive smart screens. This union demonstrated a myriad of unique features and functions; from the ‘Expert Version’ of the audience recognition software, Audiences to device interactivity with screens and O2O Brand Experience Looping.

IMON wish every participant in outdoor advertising industry can gain a deeper understanding of the advantages ‘programmatic buying’ brings to DOOH and truly benefit from it with IMON’s powerful support from now on!