May 13, 2016

May 13, 2016

It is a new day in technology and the entire world is watching.

After a wildly successful 2015 debut, CES Asia 2016™ has expanded in size, with more than 30,000 expected attendees and more than 300 exhibiting companies showcasing the latest innovations that consumer technology has to offer.

With worldwide attendance and media exposure, CES Asia is the premiere event for regional and global technology and is the only industry event focused on the Asia-Pacific market.

Focusing on Internet of Things (IoT),wearable, vehicle technology, entertainment and more, the conference program is the place to get the inside scoop on the latest news affecting the ever-growing Asian markets.

As the creative loT Smart City Solution provider, IMON partnered with global advertising giant — Omnicom, to bring a brand new DOOH experience to the Asian consumer technology industry.

At CES Asia 2015™, IMON presented their revolutionary end-to-end TargetEngage™ Active Premier Programmatic Media Platform, integrated with their Tekimon® dynamic interactive smart screens. This union demonstrated a myriad of unique features and functions; such as Targeted Audience recognition and analysis, Programmatic DOOH Buying, Audiences and screens interactivity. The response from the 15,000 visitors and VIP clientele was overwhelming; the launch of IMON’s technology was a great success.

This year, IMON brings an additional range of new features; a new ‘Expert Version’ of the audience recognition software, ’Responsive Content’ function and a personalized end-to-end ‘O2O Brand Experience Loop’.

The new Expert Version of the audience recognitions software includes exact age recognition, an audiences’ dwell-time as compared to the duration of their engagement with the displayed content, their distance from the screen, their emotional response to displayed content and they are also introducing both ‘associated object’ and ‘physical feature’ algorithm-based recognition (e.g. glasses and beards).

The Responsive Content will display, for the specific audience type in front of the screen, additional targeted information relative to the media being played. This is not limited to a single viewer – single content serving, but allows for Responsive Content to be shown to multiple different viewers at the same time.

The ‘O2O Brand Experience Loop’ enables all campaign media to have embedded metadata links to online gateways, which facilitate engaging brand experiences, O2O journey tracking, social media connectivity, e-commerce and granular reporting.
IMON’s advantage is far more than advertising — the very powerful and highly transparent TargetEngage™ Network Management Platform, integrates many universally recognized ad-value technologies, which include Custom Messaging, Emergency Broadcasting, Government Approval, Social Welfare Educational support, Data Harvesting, Analysis and Reporting, Military Grade Encryption, Real-time Diagnostics, Down-time Memory and auto-rescheduling, Security Notifications and so much more.

The most valuable feature of the platform is its’ flexibility. It has been designed from the ground up to allow open integration with the best systems, platforms and technologies from around the world. It offers location and network owners various site-specific customized solutions, bringing much more additional advantages and value to each site, in addition to the tremendous advertising revenue streams.

The loT Smart City vision deployed by IMON provides everyone with personalized products and services relevant to their individual wants and needs; it offers greater efficiency, more precise audience targeting and enhanced real-time optimization opportunities that can be measured against specific client goals.

The new smart city is exactly where DOOH is released from the restrains of ‘Advertising’ and becomes more personal, customized, harmonious and useful – INFORMATION!