June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Shanghai, June 8, 2015 – Omnicom Media Group China today announced a strategic partnership with Heli Media Group to deliver a next generation digital advertising OOH platform known as IMON that will revolutionize the industry.

Developed by IMON Network Limited, the IMON automated management platform and integrated digital smart screens incorporate a new generation of audience recognition capability, mobile interactivity, data management, and campaign management features, plus a host of new and innovative technologies that have been specifically designed to enhance brand engagement and audience measurement.

Omnicom Media Group has been working with Heli Media for the past 2 years assisting with their go-to-market approach. The partnership has ensured that IMON meets Omnicom clients’ needs and demands for greater insight and accountability in OOH campaigns. The first screens being deployed are in partnership with China Post via a comprehensive upgrade of their strategic retail kiosk network across China. Further arrangements are in place that will see a quick roll out with more IMON partners across China.

The screens were featured at CES Asia at the ‘OMD Cube’ and were of great interest to the booth visitors. Doug Pearce, CEO of Omnicom Media Group Greater China said, “This is the biggest thing to happen in the OOH industry for years and really is game changing. Fully digital and interactive with audience recognition software built in that will enable real time highly accurate audience measurement and the capability to be bought programmatically. At CES we had over 15,000 people see the screens. We know this because the technology enabled us to count them! Everything that marketers have been wanting in OOH is inherent within IMON.”

Ian Moffitt, CEO and founder of Heli Media said, “IMON was conceived and developed with the best technology partners from around the world and offers an unequalled engagement opportunity for clients with measurement and ROI analysis. IMON has been a 5 year, multimillion dollar global investment and the result has been well worth the effort. The partnership with Omnicom Media Group has been of enormous value to us. Omnicom Media Group’s insight to market change has been invaluable to the development of the IMON solution and their clients will now have a first to market advantage in a medium that is strategic in a consumer lifecycle.”

IMON today offers the screen owner, the buyer, the ad agency and their clients, a totally new and dynamic platform to overcome historic OOH inadequacies and at the same time levels the playing field for smaller screen operators who have been operating in the shadow of larger screen owners.

The bar will be set high in outdoor adverting with China being the launch market and within months, IMON will quickly appear in other international markets.