September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015

Shanghai, September 17th-18th, 2015—Digital out-of-home pioneer IMON has partnered with Posterscope to present IMON’s latest Programmatic Audience Targeting Technology at the DAN China Festival.

As an internal technical and manufacturer expo, DAN China Festival 2015 brought together all the branch companies within the Dentsu Aegis Network group to introduce the various new technologies that focus on Digital out-of-home market. As the most striking feature in this festival at Posterscope booth, IMON successfully grabbed attention with its state-of-art Programmatic Audience Targeting Technology.

This technology is an integration of IMON TargetEngage™ automated management platform and audience recognition technology, which is provided by Quividi [an IMON Technology Partner] that can recognise audience anonymously by Age and Gender. It combines with the IMON Tekimon™ hardware and LED/LCD screens, ultimately designed to be as a revolutionary end-to-end management solution to serve all participants in Digital Outdoor advertising.

With IMON Programmatic Audience Targeting Technology, the IMON platform not only targets audiences, but also chooses the best suited media for them and provides further services at the same time, measuring the preference against each audience by dwell time, number of glances and duration of each glance, then it reports and refines it in real time. It is remarkable how this technology instantly ensures the appropriateness of the content presented and delivered to each audience, while quantifying the value offered to the DOOH advertising business.

Further to this, a series of IMON’s interactive functionalities via China Unicom’s ‘Internet of Things Wi-Fi’ in conjunction with NFC and QR codes also enabled audiences to get further information and real benefits with their smart devices and eventually allows media buyers, planners and brand strategists to seize the opportunity to satisfy their consumer’s needs.

IMON demonstrated the potential of its Programmatic Audience Targeting Technology and how it can be customized to fit more conveniently and easily into consumer’s everyday lives.

As of earlier this year, IMON has partnered with China Post to support their strategy with IMON technologies to progressively reinvent their street kiosk across China. IMON is now moving ahead swiftly to expand the range of IMON network that not just covers transportation hubs, but also focus on indoor office buildings, shopping malls, chain restaurants, hotels and more.