Digital Out of Home – Communicating with The Audience

Digital Out of Home – Communicating with The Audience

The ideal of advertising is to reach the targeted audience, at the right time and in the appropriate place, it is no exception for digital out of home (DOOH) media. Use DOOH media to effectively communicate with the audience, rather than to simply advertise.

IMON’s TargetEngage™, as a complete DOOH smart management platform with audience recognition technology, delivers campaigns for the targeted audience, at the precise time and most suitable place, as well as also creating a communication channel to bring more opportunities to all parties.

Targeted Audience

DOOH media exert its full potential based on individual audience’s needs. At the shopping center, when consumers pass by an IMON screen, the screen will initiate a tailor-made conversation with the audience. An interactive clothes advertisement will pop up in front of the 20-year-old females; An entertaining sneaker ad will try to attract the teen boys’ attention. IMON’s audience recognition technology can match media to audiences by age, gender and specific characteristics such as facial hair or glasses to satisfy the audience’s need. As it’s becoming more and more data driven, DOOH can always serve as the best communication channel with audiences, because it can learn its audience and customize the messaging to suit.

Right Time

The flexibility provided by vanguard technologies allows DOOH media to provide more campaigns at right time. At any specific time, DOOH media can align with surroundings to create a “contextual connections”, so as to ignite consumers’ desire to purchase. Imagine, an IMON DOOH screen located in the shopping center using the weather to trigger offers such as umbrellas, ice cream, particular clothes, etc. It can also put on different advertisements based on dayparting.

By virtue of IMON’s TargetEngage™ platform, advertisers can launch a campaign to a smart screen to coincide with real-time news and current events. With just a few clicks, their custom campaign can leverage the positive buzz generated on or off line. For example, if a film celebrity wins an award, the ‘Brands’ advertisements endorsed by the star could be put on instantly to capture the point of attention. The platform also provides templates for marketers to mock-up multiple versions of a campaign and then it will select the most appropriate one in real time.

Due to its cloud connectivity, the IMON DOOH screens can not only launch campaigns in a timely manner but also can generate real-time audience viewership reports based on real time data feed. This will prompt the DOOH industry to be more transparent and agile to improve advertising efficiency overall.

Appropriate place

DOOH can not only target the right people, but can also target campaigns by place. By fully tapping the free time while waiting for transportation; leisure time with peers at cinemas, shopping centers and similar venues, IMON screens can deliver a much more effective message, as people are more receptive within a particular place, with a longer dwell time and a positive frame of mind.

When intending to convert behavior from attention to purchase, the best place to do it is at the point of purchase. DOOH couples with premium innovative content to create immersive retail environments, thus enabling a more effective purchase conversion.

However, the challenge resides in establishing consistent measurement in all formats for the industry. Reach and frequency, though accepted across the industry, cannot gauge the increasing engagement levels DOOH facilitates.

Contextual, innovative and interactive content on DOOH media provides valuable opportunities for brands to engage with their audiences. But only if the advertisers open up their minds, embrace technology and engage with more efforts to differentiate themselves from others, can they truly ride the tide of the opportunity-rich DOOH age.

Along with the tide, IMON is dedicated to cooperate with innovators to deliver premium content within the communication to targeted audiences. It’s ready to overturn the industry and erect an industry-wide standard! Are you ready to ‘really’ communicate with your audience?

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