Smart life in city, within ur reach(3)

Smart life in city, within ur reach(3)

As previous articles have explained, each corner of the smart city technology is applied ubiquitously. In and around educational facilities and hospitals, cutting-edge technologies are leading cities to become smarter day in and day out.

The creative technology provider IMON’s TargetEngage™, [awarded best Premium Programmatic Advertising Placement Platform], accumulates information from interconnected sources to assist the Smart City to evolve.

Now let’s get to know more about the Smart City of the future, with IMON technology in the fields of Education and Healthcare.


With the help of IMON, the entire school has formed a smart-ecosystem through collected user activity and interaction, combined with scholastic data, providing a comprehensive intellectualized environment and secured information service platform to realize coordination amongst all resources.
Students can enter the digital campus by connecting Wi-Fi provided by IMON’s smart platform. With IMON, the digital campus can help students, professors and others get directions; improve operational processes such as registration for activities and exams, taking courses, or purchasing consumables; manage communication channels for interactions or promotions of students’ activities for extra-curricular organizations and peer learning; keeping students and visitors with up-to-date information. In essence, the smart platform based digital campus will reduce wasted time, while delivering important media, messages and information to students, professors and others.


By virtue of the interaction and audience recognition based IMON smart platform; unified planning and optimized outcomes are deliverable with the synergy that comes from complementary medical resource sharing. This will help to achieve efficient supervision, evaluation and decision-making in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

For example, patients who come to the hospital can make appointment with doctors and already have their ticket and reserve a position in the queue before leaving their home. The hospital can provide real-time information to help patients make decisions concerning treatment, payment and selection of medical experts. All of these will ensure an informed, calm and comfortable hospital care experience. In addition, doctors, nurses, administrative staff and others can share information to optimize resources, thereby reducing wasted time and improving the overall efficiency of the hospital.

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