Smart life in city, within ur reach(2)

Smart life in city, within ur reach(2)

Smart City application in transportation and tourism is drawing the distance between people and services much closer. Moreover, it’s making people’s life easier and more convenient.


While shopping at the shopping mall, with the assistance of IMON’s free Wi-Fi, customers can accomplish one-stop shopping including consulting promotions and updated brand related information. Besides static functions, consumers can also reserve parking and restaurant seats and interactively get directions to the favorite shops from IMON smart screen and their connected mobile devices. Along the way to the destination, customers can receive digital membership cards to accumulate points for additional promotions and gifts.

Meanwhile, the audience recognition and interaction based IMON network, can collaborate with individual shoppers to consult customers’ purchase history and record their favorites, so as to provide targeted ad recommendations to the customers for their next visit.

More interestingly, customers can participate in the interactive games initiated on the IMON smart screen, wining additional promotions and giveaways from certain shoppers. In this way, they can kill time and have deeper exposure to and more understanding towards of a brand, product or service.


At the cinema, exhibitions, theme parks and other public entertainment venues, people can connect to the Wi-Fi provided by IMON. Based on audience recognition and interaction, IMON can recommend targeted activities and shows on the screen with real-time information including audience number, last minute ticket price.

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