Smart life in city, within your reach (1)

Smart life in city, within your reach (1)

9 years since the IBM’s “Smart Planet” concept, the Smart City model is slowly prospering in China. During the process of decomposition of technologies such as big data, cloud computing, internet of things and audience recognition; high technology scenario after scenario in business and life, the city itself changes. It is becoming more and more digitalized, user centric and service oriented, such as O2O services, mobile payment, network based shared business and so on.

People, city, information technology, socio-technology, form a firm synergy with each other to form the unique ecology of Smart City.

To deepen the development of Smart City, it is crucial to develop different service industries with new technologies, including smart tourism, transportation, service, education, health care, leisure, etc.

As the creative technology provider IMON’s Target Engage, awarded best Premium Programmatic Advertising Placement Platform, it accumulates information from interconnected sources to assist the Smart City to evolve.

Now let’s get to know more about the Smart City of the future with IMON technology.


During the ‘super holiday’ between National day and mid-autumn day, China witnessed over 705 million domestic tourists, with an associated expenditure of 583.6 billion Yuan. Pushed by the strong desire by the growing middle-class to travel, the tourism industry is developing exponentially. The Smart Cities to-be, will focus on the resource integration and sharing, establishment of public interconnected platforms, and information publishing and service rendering, to perfect the ‘tourist experience’.

As an example; if tourists arrive in the Smart City by air, they will see IMON screens at arrival hall, bus/taxi waiting stand and parking lot. Once connected to the IMON Wi-Fi system, tourists’ phones can receive a customized location based “Hello” from IMON: sightseeing information, dining and leisure activities, transportation, etc., all incentivized by e-coupons, promotions and discounts.


With the implementation of sustainable smart-transportation infrastructure, Smart Cities break the current paradigm to deliver convenience to everyone, everywhere in the city.

Driving on the road, the smart-screens above the main road will inform you the real-time road status, whether it’s crowded or clear, where to park, etc.; Waiting at the bus station, people can connect with IMON’s free Wi-Fi to surf as much as they like, while getting information such as promotions, same-city activities, transport schedules and the like; IMON also supports interactive games with audiences facilitating chances to win coupons and promotions for tickets, while delivering transportation security notices.

At the public transportation platform, passengers can acquire information and receive emergency/ security broadcasting on the IMON screens, the free Wi-Fi and connected mobile devices simultaneously.


At the IMON smart kiosk, passers-by can obtain up to date product information and their closest purchase location; Advertisers can leverage IMON’s secure audience recognition to receive real-time audience profile and advertisement reach report, which can help promote and retarget the brand/products.

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