Heli Yida Cultural Media Company (Hong Kong) Limited, trading as the Heli Group, is an assembly of multi-national companies focused on advertising, animation, media, broadcasting and interactive technologies. Heli Group owns 99% of Heli Yida Cultural Media Company (Beijing) Limited (China) and an exclusive worldwide license from IMON Network Limited to distribute IMON that is a new and innovative media platform and hardware that focuses on various forms of visual media. The initial release of IMON in China is focused on digital Out-Of-Home (OOH).

The IMON software platform, TargetEngage™, incorporates the software of its selected Partners from around the world that are the ‘best of the best’ in their field of technology. To fully utilize the enormous array of functions available, IMON has developed a special technically advanced Screen Terminal known as Tekimon™, however retrofit kits are available for selected and IMON approved existing screens. Both the software and screens cater for a variety of HD video, static and interactive media types.

The Heli Group’s Beijing operation is utilizing IMON to achieve DOOH market dominance in China. Heli Group is also promoting IMON to achieve the same dominance in other world markets. This not only allows Heli Group to provide state-of-the-art interactive functionality far beyond the capability of its competitors, it also delivers quantifiable value, for Media Buyers, Agencies, Brokers, their Clients and Brands, compared to current OOH market options.

IMON addresses several sections of the media industry at this time and will expand the functions for each new section of the media industry as it is incorporated. At this time IMON is focused progressively on opening up its system to allow secure, transparent access to each of the following Mediums:

  • Targeted Digital HD Video Out Of Home
  • Targeted Digital Static Out Of Home
  • Targeted Free to Air TV
  • Targeted and Interactive Print

Targeted Digital HD Video Out Of Home is now fully functional and has already had a resounding effect on industry professionals due to the significant advances that IMON has over the current market. With no real audience attraction, accountability or smarts other than limited untargeted ‘coupon-delivery level’ intelligence, these existing terminals in the present market, offer little but unqualified exposure and give no quantifiable outcomes for the advertiser.

IMON is unique and as a consequence, no other system of its kind in this space in China and the world can offer the myriad of features available in IMON. IMON offers both programmatic media placement and purchase, genuine real time highly accurate audience analytics which can trigger dynamic content play. Enhanced by the platform’s convergence and interactivity with mobile devices via its WIFI Hotspot, NFC, QR and Augmented Reality [AR+] so that advertisers can engage consumers at the most appropriate times and places with rich, relevant contextual messaging and persuasive content.

The IMON network in China will initially cover a minimum of 90 cities. This will provide exceptional market coverage for local and international clients to access a broader reach for the more targeted promotion of their product, service or image in China.

In China, as in most developed countries, governments have rules regarding the broadcasting of Welfare and Educational materials in conjunction with advertising. Heli Group has covered the most stringent of these requirements by producing the Social Welfare Education strategy known as ‘Let’s Do It Right™’. This is the first program by Network ‘Windows of Welfare™’, or WOW™ and is part of a joint venture between Heli Group and China.com.cn (the national Internet authority) an exclusive relationship with the Chinese government allows this as one of only two partnerships granted with China.com.cn, the other is with World Bank.

IMON licensees have a requirement to incorporate a minimum run time daily for the ‘Let’s Do It Right™’ educational strategy. The categories of cartoons depicted social issues that are both relatable in subject and transformative in effect, will deliver a wealth of associated value to the IMON network.

Through IMON, the Heli Group will drive significant change in various forms of media, beginning with Digital Out Of Home. With IMON and its strategic partners, China will lead the world in this change. Through IMON, Heli Group will substantially and positively influence advertising audiences with personal, relatable and relevant interactivity and value.