Nationwide Business—From Shenzhen to Shanghai to Beijing, across China
Interactive Functionality—effectively optimize brand and promote customer experiences
Let’s Do It Right—provide enjoyable and comprehensive social education
Let’s Do It Right—提供趣味性、综合性的社会公益教育
Windows of Welfare—we don’t just talk the Talk…We walk the Walk!
IMON—the most technologically advanced DOOH advertising
Big Data– 100% tagged and analyzed data for maximizing your goals
大数据—100% 数据标记与分析,实现您的目标最大化

Heli Media Group - Where Creativity & Technology Meet


Heli Yida Cultural Media Company (Hong Kong) Limited, trading as the Heli Group, is an assembly of multi-national companies focused on advertising, animation, media, broadcasting and interactive technologies. Heli Group owns 99% of Heli Yida Cultural Media Company (Beijing) Limited (China) and an exclusive worldwide license from IMON Network Limited to distribute IMON that is a new and innovative media platform and hardware that focuses on various forms of visual media. The initial release of IMON in China is focused on digital Out-Of-Home (OOH).

The IMON software platform, TargetEngage™, incorporates the software of its selected Partners from around the world that are the ‘best of the best’ in their field of technology. To fully utilize the enormous array of functions available, IMON has developed a special technically advanced Screen Terminal known as Tekimon™, however retrofit kits are available for selected and IMON approved existing screens. Both the software and screens cater for a variety of HD video, static and interactive media types.

The Heli Group’s Beijing operation is utilizing IMON to achieve DOOH market dominance in China. Heli Group is also promoting IMON to achieve the same dominance in other world markets. This not only allows Heli Group to provide state-of-the-art interactive functionality far beyond the capability of its competitors, it also delivers quantifiable value, for Media Buyers, Agencies, Brokers, their Clients and Brands, compared to current OOH market options.

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